Exclusive: Harry Potter 8 Confirmed by J.K. Rowling!!

lhertzel_1334240009_jkrowlingEver since the release of the eighth and final Harry Potter film in July 2011, there were rumors that J.K. Rowling might revisit her legendary world for an eighth novel. With the disappointment of her first foray into adult fiction, The Casual Vacancy, Rowling soon confirmed she was working on a young adult novel, but not until today did we know what the book was. I practically jumped out of my seat when I saw that the book is indeed the untitled eighth book in the Harry Potter series!! See the official press release below…

For Immediate Release                   

J.K. Rowling “75% Done” with Eighth Harry Potter Novel

Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY – March 31, 2013 – 11:59 pm – Yahoo News and the New York Times today confirmed that J.K. Rowling is writing the eighth Harry Potter novel, and is already 75% done with the manuscript. Details on the storyline are hush hush, but Rowling is said to be revealing more about the upcoming HP novel later this very week in a press conference in Scotland.

Rowling is said to be disappointed to the reaction of her adult novel The Casual Vacancy, released last fall, which left readers worldwide perplexed and disappointed. She was discouraged particularly by the disappointment of the younger readers, who picked up The Casual Vacancy expecting another Harry Potter book. She wanted to go back and write a book that will be a treat to her fans all around the world.

“J.K. Rowling is a treasure who we support in all of her endeavors. We hoped to get the chance to work with her again one day, but none of us thought it would be this soon, and back in the world of Harry Potter. We are very excited with what Rowling has pieced together for an eighth novel. Her fans are going to be surprised, and so very enthusiastic,” said Ronald Lendon, Editorial Director, Scholastic, Inc.

With news of the eighth novel already circulating the web, talk has turned to a potential ninth film in the Harry Potter film franchise. While none of the series’ actors have officially signed on, one of the stars has already voiced his excitement about returning to play the title role.

“I never thought Jo would write another novel, but I’m interested to see what she comes up with,” said Daniel Radcliffe, at a press conference in New York. “I absolutely would return to that world, if all the elements were to come together. When we wrapped the last film, I still felt like I wasn’t finished with this grandiose story. I can’t wait to come back.” He paused, then narrowed his eyes a little, and said, “Wait, what day is it, again?”

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  1. Carla Schodde

    Judging by the continued replies, this really is an April fools gift that just keeps on giving!

    Is it some kind of schadenfreude to be amused that this page is still eagerly and excitedly reblogged around the internet seven months after it was first put up?

  2. Murtz

    J.K Rowling has given our generation a true story to fall into. No other series has taken our minds out of this world and into another but hers. That is all.

    • Mel

      I’m not sure I would use such an absolute comment as “no other series has…” I can list quite a few without even breaking a sweat. The Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia series just to name two….but with that said, the HP series was a true delight and took me to a world of magic that I will pass on to my kids and grandkids to come!!

  3. 아스마

    Reblogged this on 아스마 Blog and commented:
    I can’t wait to know more about this. I missed Harry Potter a lot. Let’s see what she will come up with. I’m with Daniel having the same opinion that the last part kind of felt incomplete. I want to go back into that world where it was all magical and fun.

  4. Cupcake

    What the hell would it be about? There’s no story left…I imagine it being called something along the lines of Harry Potter and the Mommy Blog…lol

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  6. Debra Thomas

    With the way the story ended….. 19 yrs later would let the story continue. Dumbeldores brother could be the head of the school and the main stars’ children could carry on the story line. I still don’t understand why the movies left out every thing about Harry and Jenny. I know the books let everyone know what was going on, but was really confused by the movie if thats all you were knowing.

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